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There are tricks to escape the fire bottles have magical smoke

In case of fire, how do we avoid the smoke? Fire departments to remind, at the time of the fire, to keep calm, and choose to use wet towels, altitude and other methods to avoid breathing the smoke escape quickly.

Weifang City Fire Department official said, the fire was smoke smoked die choking victim was burned to death by a 4-5-fold. 1.3% concentration of carbon monoxide in the air, people will smoke on twenty-three unconscious, breathing 1-3 minutes can lead to death.

Fire departments to remind, cover their nose with a wet towel method many people are not familiar with, but pay attention to the time, in preparation for a towel, you should choose cotton towels, wet chemical fiber towel predisposes suffocation; also should be thoroughly infiltrated twist to the semi too wet towel will make breathing difficult, the general control of the water content of the towel in the towel weight three times; and finally the wet towel stack 4-8 ​​layers, cover your mouth and nose, it is a simple gas masks.
In addition, choose low-altitude escape breathing smoke can also set aside time to escape. When general altitude and the central region of smoke-filled building, wall, the wall will have oxygen 20 cm from the ground, it should stoop or crawl to leave the scene.

Fire departments to remind, there are some tricks you can use in an emergency situation. In some mineral water bottles, wine bottles and other bottles which generally have oxygen remaining, when smoke intolerable aligned puff bottle, screw on the cap immediately to prevent toxic smoke to enter, and so forth, can be extended at the scene about one minute life; In addition, drinking water and air inside can also be used, about 4 minutes to extend life; some of the tubulars, such as water pipes, electrical conduits, but also of great use in the fire. They are out the window, to breathe the fresh air of the window can be introduced into the chamber. Against the tube mouth breathing, can people turn to use, to prevent choking of great use.

Fire department reminded the event of fire, to keep calm, do not panic, do not blindly act promptly call 119 the police, and the conditions surrounding the use of all available means of escape.