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How to promote children learn fire safety knowledge

The importance of fire safety knowledge

Fire safety knowledge is one of the most important things that children need to learn. Fire caused more than 35,000 children every year since, with about 8,000 cases have occurred in the home. All the fires, 15% to 20% of the victims are children. Through teaching fire safety knowledge, can help prevent your children and your home become a member of the fire statistics.

How to teach children knowledge of fire

step 1

How did it happen explain to your child when the fire, how fires start, spread and how quickly the risk of fire. Tell them that if they see a fire can cause the fire source, such as matches or lighters, should tell you or another adult immediately. Let them know that adults can master the skill with fire, they are not allowed to play with fire or use of fire, lighters experiment

Step 2

Demonstrates how your smoke alarms work, and when the smoke alarm detects smoke alarm will issue what. And teach children how to call 119 when the fire broke out for help, when help information to say. Tell your child how to use a fire extinguisher.

Step 3

Teach your child that if they hear an alarm, see fire or smell smoke they should run down the stairs, climbed out of the room and the house, to a designated area, such as a neighbor's house. If the fire has spread to the door, then the door is very hot, do not open the door to teach children, with some brightly colored strips of cloth hanging in the window for help, cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel and wait for rescue. Tell your child must not jumping to survive.

Step 4

A plan escape routes in case of fire, then practice hear an alarm, decumbent and go to your safe place.

Step 5

Teach children if clothes catch fire, how fire, leaving clothes and roll fire.

Step 6

Access to learning your family fire safety knowledge is very effective your local fire department. As long as they are not at the very moment the fire alarm, firefighters like to help parents and children learn fire safety knowledge, and knowledge of firefighters how to use and maintain their equipment.

Step 7

Encourage your child to child related topics by accessing the website do fire preparation, to develop safe habits. This will deepen your home to teach children fire safety knowledge impression.